Studies show that morning rituals can have a significant effect on the rest of your day and boost both productivity and happiness. Morning Magic jumpstarts your day with affirmations, meditation, mindset, journaling, time management and more. You can boost your whole life, one awesome day at a time.
In this journal, you can create your own Morning Magic or follow along with the program.

A lovely way to start every day. A short wake up program combining meditation, movement, spirit, and journaling. A perfect way to start up!

Morning Magic is an inspiring and energizing ritual to actively start your day. It gives you the flow and the courage to take on anything in your coming day/week.
It stops you from procrastinating and helps you deal with your inner demons. You will learn to take negative thoughts and feelings and change them into positive ones.

Marieke is a singer, dancer, actress, writer, and entrepreneur. Her morning rituals allow her to do everything she loves with awesome results and without freaking out. In Morning Magic, she shares her secrets with you, so you can live your very best life.

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